mR. mUHAMMAD AFIF bin abdul rani

The School of Foundation Studies was established in April 2013 and offers two foundation or pre-university programmes preparing school leavers for undergraduate level study.  The two programmes offered are:
Foundation in Arts (MQA/FA3075) 
Foundation in Science (MQA/FA3076)

The foundation programs, lasting for 12 months, admit students in June and September each year. UTS School of Foundation Studies provides two affordable yet high-quality one-year programs, preparing students for entry into Year 1 of degree programs. These foundation programs consist of the  Foundation in Science and the Foundation in Arts.

The Foundation in Science Program focuses on imparting essential knowledge and analytical skills, laying the groundwork for students before they pursue programs in science and technology at UTS. This program not only equips students with fundamental knowledge but also cultivates strong communication, leadership, social skills, and instills a high ethical attitude.

Upon completion of the Foundation in Science, students can progress to various fields of study at UTS, including Civil Engineering, Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Food Technology, Computer Science, and Software Engineering. The courses covered in the Foundation in Science encompass Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Computing, and Laboratory work. The program aims to comprehensively prepare students for their academic pursuits and future professional endeavors.

Conversely, the goals of the Foundation in Arts Program aim to provide students with essential knowledge and analytical skills across various courses. These courses encompass Business and Management, Marketing, Economics, Finance and Accounting, Construction and Property, Law, English Languages (both spoken and written), Computer System and Multimedia, Critical Thinking, and Mathematics. This comprehensive preparation equips students to pursue degree
programs in diverse fields such as Business, Accountancy, Information Technology, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Communications, Interior Design, Languages, and other non-science/engineering disciplines.

Both Foundation Programs are accessible to individuals holding Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) /GCE O-level equivalent and Unified Examination Certificate (UEC). To be eligible for enrollment in the Foundation in Science program, applicants must attain 5 Credits, including Mathematics and any Science subject, with a pass in Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa English in SPM / GCE O-Level equivalent, or secure 4 Grade B, inclusive of Mathematics and any Science subject, in UEC. Conversely, candidates can enroll in the Foundation in Arts program by achieving 5 Credits in SPM / GCE O-level equivalent or obtaining 4 Grade B in UEC.

In addition to on-campus classes, academic excursions are arranged for students to explore various locations relevant to their studies, such as shipyards and organic farms. To foster a well-rounded development, the UTS Students Development and Services Division conducts sports and recreation activities in the afternoons or on weekends. These activities encompass badminton, netball, basketball, cultural performances and dancing, jungle trekking, photography
and video shooting, and public speaking.

Upon successful completion of the foundation studies, students have the opportunity to progress to various degree programs offered by UTS, provided they meet the entry requirements for the respective degrees. Scholarships are available for eligible students, subject to specific conditions.